Thursday, April 23, 2009


*Item 101*

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A versatile and chic mocha coloured top from Kookai. Made of jersey like material (84% nylon, 16% elastane). Can be worn with high-waisted shorts, with skinny jeans and a biker jacket or with spiffy white shorts. The combinations are endless.

Size: can fit a bigger S, M and L (not for petites)
Brand: Kookai
Condition: Brand new
Price: RM28 (steal!)...SOLD!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


*Item 72*

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Colour: splashes of cobalt blue, light blue, green, yellow, turquoise and a bit of brown

Colour: splashes of pink, purple, turquoise and a bit of brown...SOLD!

Pretty high-waisted vintage skirts with buttons all the way down. If the waist is a little tight, the top 2 buttons may be left unbuttoned and secured with a clincher (that's how I'm wearing it in the pics). Both skirts are identical in design.

Size: S - waist: 26", length: 26"
Condition: Excellent
Price: RM30


*Item 99*

Beautiful pink cat's eye stones and lavender crystals (from Diva). Price: RM6

*Item 100*

Wrought silver flowers with a centre of pink stones and dangly black beads. Price: RM5

*Item 85*

Black berries. Price: RM3

*Item 31*

Tartan print (from Claire's, London). Price: RM4

Monday, April 20, 2009

The right fit

*Item 97*

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A classy pair of heels that's perfect for any occasion. Love the colour combination: black, dark grey and light grey. 3rd pic shows a tiny dent on the right heel, but that doesn't make this pair any less pretty :)

Size: 5
Height: 3.5"
Condition: Worn once only
Price: RM36 (bought at RM69.90)

*Item 98*
Who wouldn't love jewelled satin flats?

I have something similar that's just as gorgeous! Midnight blue satin and blue jewels :)

With flash

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It's completely brand new and was picked up in the UK. Couldn't resist buying it although it was obviously the wrong size. It's time for this beauty to fall into the right hands (or feet, I should say!)

Size: UK 3 (which is a Vincci size 4)
Price: RM36